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Equipments detail
Equipment: rebar detection ZBL-R800 rebar locator
Equipment Type: Instrument -> Test Instrument
Unit Type: sets
Technical Parameters: Tested area: 234m2
Post Time: 2018-05-14
Main Features: Functions Identify rebar location direction and distribution. Double function of rebar and rust test Test the thickness of concrete cover. Test rebar diameter. Qualify the thickness of concrete cover automatically. Test data storage check and transmission. Single-electrode testing of concrete rebar corrosion. Double-electrode testing of concrete rebar corrosion. Divide rebar corrosion in maximal 10 gray shades or color graphs. Analyze professionally with Test Data Processing Software.
Usage:  Requirements for working environment:  Environmental temperature: 0℃~40℃;  Relative humidity :< 90%RH;  Long time sunlight perpendicular incidence is avoided.  Anti-corrosion: when used under damp dusty and full of corrosive gas conditions protective measures are necessary.  Requirements for storage environment:  Environmental temperature:-20℃~+60℃.  Relative humidity: < 90%RH;  Out of use please place instrument into package store in a ventilated cool and dry place Long time sunlight perpendicular incidence is avoided.  If long time out of use please charge and start up for a check regularly.
Description: ZBL R800 concrete reinforcement detector Rebar Detector ZBL R800 Multi-function Concrete Rebar Locator/Detector 1.Multi function rebar detector = rebar locator + rebar corrosion detector; an economical and convenient device. 2.This model features the world’s first wireless onsite data transfer function for such a device and remote management is also available 3.Data can be stored on a usb-thumb drive, great for field work 4.This device can generate rebar distribution map and rebar corrosion potential contour graph. 5.Powerful professional analysis-process software allows for the automatic generation of test reports.
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